People don’t spend their money online easily. Think about it: If you
had to answer a long list of questions or struggle to navigate a
how much money would you be willing to part with? Online shopping is
about convenience and comfort, and those of us who have at least once
ventured into
the realm of online shopping know how time-consuming and unpleasant it can be.

The online stores that stand out from the rest are those that go the
extra mile for their users. We’ll look here at some small and big
e-commerce websites that
create pleasant online shopping experiences. We’ll consider the
experience from the very start to the very end, right through to the
checkout process.
Good typography and subtle colors help focus on the products and
features, with all distractions fading away as you interact with the
site. When a new item is added to the cart, it appears in a sliding
sidebar on the right, prompting customers to either keep shopping or
check out. The design of the checkout form is elegant and clean. The
amount of data required is
never overwhelming since it’s clearly separated in manageable chunks.
And the most important bit: the favicon is a bananas icon! Now that is
pretty cool.